Rialto 2 Piece Sectional


Rialto 2pc Sectional LSF Chaise / RSSF 1arm Sofa Big Wig Sand All Over

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It can’t be cozier than this. The Rialto 2 piece sectional features oversized chaise with bold character and sink-in comfort. Its retro-cool jumbo cord over feather-blend cushions creates a luxuriously soft lounging experience. Rialto is 2pc sectional with one chase and a single arm sofa. The big wig fabric covers all over. Rialto is a custom sectional and it can be customized to fit your room.


Sand – Big Wig


135″L X 72″W X 42″D X 34″H

Made in the USA (California)

Dimensions122 × 67 × 30 in

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