3 Ways to Sustain The High Quality of Furniture

3 Most Common Furniture Materials and How to Properly Care For Them to Extend Their Lifespan. Elegance Italian dining table and leatherette dining chairs
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Taking proper care of your furniture can extend its life and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. If you have a home filled with antique treasures or modern pieces, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential. In this article, we will explore some fundamental tips for caring for different types of furniture, ensuring they remain in excellent condition.


For wooden furniture, dusting regularly is key to preventing dirt buildup. Use a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster to gently remove dust. For a deeper clean, use a damp cloth followed by a dry one to avoid moisture damage. Periodically, you can apply a quality furniture polish or wax to protect the wood and enhance its natural luster. Avoid placing wooden furniture in direct sunlight, as it can cause fading and cracking over time.


Upholstered furniture requires a different approach. Regular vacuuming helps to remove dust and prevent dirt from settling into the fabric. For spills and stains, it’s important to act quickly. Blot the spill with a clean, dry cloth, and avoid rubbing, as it can spread the stain. Furthermore, depending on the fabric type, you may also need a specific cleaner, so always check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally, rotating and flipping cushions can help maintain their shape and wear evenly.

Metal and Glass

In contrast, for metal and glass furniture, maintenance is relatively simple but just as important. Wipe metal surfaces with a damp cloth to prevent dust accumulation and use a mild cleaner for any grime. For glass surfaces, use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to avoid streaks and scratches. Protect metal furniture from rust by applying a protective coating or keeping it dry and away from moisture-prone areas. By following these care tips, you can ensure your furniture remains a beautiful and functional part of your home for many years.

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